Gerd Liv Valla Og Ingunn Yssen

Med mot i brystet | – LENE SVENNING. Mange ungdommer opplever LO som veldig gubbete, sa Kine Smith Larsen i et intervju med HK-Nytt for 20 år siden. Da var hun nyansatt ungdomssekretær i LO i Telemark og Vestfold.

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Undheim, Liv, secretary. State secretary 18 December 1996, Ministry of Industry and Energy (Energy Affairs). Ministry of Petroleum and Energy 1 January 1997. Wøien, Per, executive officer. State secretary 7 February 1997, Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs. Lomheim, Sylfest, senior scientific officer. State secretary 4 April 1997, Ministry of Children and Family Affairs.

02.07.1980  · In 2007 he released the book Vallas fall, about the scandal involving Gerd-Liv Valla and Ingunn Yssen. Openly gay, Tranøy was elected leader of the gay rights organization Det Norske Forbundet av 1948 in 1991. He succeeded Kjell Erik Øie. The organization went defunct in 1992 as Norwegian National Association for Lesbian and Gay Liberation was established. Tranøy died.

But Gerd-Liv Valla doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She wasn’t bullying Ingunn Yssen. According to Åslaug Haga, the media coverage of how her pier was extended without having applied for permission was important; as was the case about etting out her storehouse without having all the paperwork sorted out. But it is difficult to apologise for these things when they are presented more.

Loey Facebook, Twitter & MySpace on PeekYou – Valla Yssens oppsigelse og Vallas første reaksjoner. Kontroversen ble utløst da Ingunn Yssen sa opp sin stilling som internasjonal sekretær i LO og hevdet å ha blitt.

Gerd-Liv Valla, leader of Norway’s trade union confederation LO, announced her resignation after a two-month long row over allegedly bullying a female co-worker, Deutsche-Presse-Agentur (dpa) reported. Valla, 59, was regarded as one of Norway’s most influential public figures due to LO’s close

En analyse av hvordan seks Oslo-aviser dekket konflikten mellom Valla/LO og Ingunn Yssen i perioden 11.-31.januar 2007. Allern, Sigurd (2007). Journalistikkens samfunnsoppdrag – et børsnotert ideal?.

like Gerd-Liv V alla, elected LO politicians in top positions. The fourth witness The fourth witness was the general secretary of the Norwegian Labour Party.

29.01.2007  · Most write to impress, and not their audience either; no, they write to impress their committees, the tenure review boards, the functionaries of the literary-academic bureaucracy, and they do so at a speed which precludes revision.

Dagens Næringsliv is owned by media conglomerate Norges Handels og Sjøfartstidende (NHST Media Group), [1] which also owns DN Nye Medier, Tradewinds, Upstream, DagensIT, Smartcom, TDN, Nautisk Forlag, Intrafish, Fiskaren, Europower and Recharge.

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